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  • Expansion Joints

    Tile Trims Suppliers In UAE

  • Aluminium Entrance Mat

    Aluminium Entrance Mat

  • Acoustic Wall Pannel

    Acoustic Wall Pannel

  • PVC Wall and Corner Guard

    PVC Wall and Corner Guard

Opportunities abound in the Arab world, and those with unconventional thinking can achieve great things. Thanks to the fantastic team, without whom we would not have reached so many success milestones, Acromax General Trading provides with the opportunity to innovate and do things differently.

All of our products & activities are in accordance with our fundamental principles, and we strive for excellence in all we do. Our primary differentiators from the competition are our dedication to excellence, rapid turnaround times, and mind-set of going above and beyond to provide customer pleasure. We are really eager to collaborate with a group of competent people and look forward to providing better results for the business and clientele – and Acromax is also famous as Tile Trims Suppliers in UAE!

Our products are the expansion joints, tile trims, acoustic, aluminium entrance mat, PVC wall & corner guard, parking accessories, and fire barrier supplier. These products are supplied to any corner in the world on order placed to Acromax. We understand the need of the interior space requirements of the infrastructure and supply the products required such spaces for not only in Dubai but also world-wide.


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