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Explaining Expansion Joint System

What do we provide?

Expansion Joints are widely used across buildings and other construction projects for various purposes. Their basic task is to facilitate the movement of the adjacent materials without exerting pressure on the buildings. It is an assembly in the wall with a flexible bond breaker or sealant that effectively causes the separation in the bond between the building sections. Many constructors in the construction industry seek the help of Expansion joint supplier in Dubai to apply the expansion joints in the buildings.

The change in temperature and infiltration of moisture into the wall assembly are the leading causes of movement between the wall sections. In the areas that are privy to seasonal climate changes such as UAE, the contraction and thermal expansion in building materials are quite common. In summers, the building materials expand over their length and height whereas, in winters, the contraction of the material is expected. This change in height and length creates internal pressure within the wall that results in cracks and the weakening of the structure.

The other important factor responsible for the change in a building structure is the infiltration of moisture. Building materials such as wood, concrete, and masonry blocks are privy to expansion due to the saturation of water. Take the example of a dry sponge. When the water is poured onto the sponge, it absorbs and swells in size. When the water is released from the sponge and as it dries out, it restores to its original shape and size. That’s exactly how the infiltration of moisture works in the building structures. In extremely humid conditions, leakages inside the buildings, or damp areas, the expansion, and contraction of the buildings is a huge issue. Therefore, many constructors use expansion joints to accommodate and support the change in size and volume of the building materials.

The expansion joints are used in many building projects such as buildings, walls, bridges, railroads, highways, roads, and so on. there are many materials used for installing the expansion joints depending on the type of the adjacent materials. Sealants, fiber joints, x-foam, asphalt, etc. You can seek the services of a reliable Expansion joint supplier in UAE like Acromax General Trading if you are looking for dependable materials for your construction projects. We are one of the leading suppliers of different building materials and soundproofing sealants in the UAE. We have several projects to our credit as a reliable agency in UAE. Contact us to get more details about expansion joint supplies.