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How to ensure safety of your place?

What do we provide?

Our services range from providing safety to aesthetic appearance to your place, this is why we are amongst the best fire barrier supplier in UAE. Also, we are known to provide best-in-class stainless steel profiles in UAE which sum up to provide aesthetic appearance to the interior of your space.Keeping in mind about the privacy and comfort of people, we have come up with fabric acoustic and wooden acoustic panel.

Why do you need a fire barrier supplier?

Fire barriers are used to protect human life, property, equipment as well as infrastructure in case if fire breaks out in the room or space. Its primary purpose is to prevent fire and smoke from spreading and thus at times it acts as first line of defense. Since, fire barriers are useful to all companies and houses and spaces, it is of utmost importance for industries that deal with explosive and volatile materials. Also, buildings, apartments or infrastructure of critical importance are required to have fire barriers for fire protection and safety.Thus, Acromax keeps the all the requirements of customers in mind and reason why it is regarded as the best fire barrier supplier in UAE.

Why does your space need stainless steel profile?

Stainless steel profile is pre fabricated and ready to cover and protect your walls which provide aesthetic appearance to your walls and interior. It is regarded as the solution where no other protective solution is feasible to employ. Since, they are ready to use wall profiles hence, they provide a lavish and captivating appearance to your interior in no time. Also, they provide safety to internal fires due to high thermal coefficient of steel.Acromax is known for providing best stainless steel profile in UAE as we are trusted by hundreds of corporate and housing societies.

How acoustic panels provide the comfort and safety?

Acoustical materials are used to reduce noises at workplaces, homes, automobiles, and so forth. Thus, they increase the comfort and safety of their inhabitants by reducing noise generated both inside and outside of those spaces.At, Acromax we provide variety of options to go with when it comes to acoustic panels. We have both fabric acoustic panel and wooden acoustic panel with us so as to ensure excellent sound and noise control. Therefore, we at Acromax are determined to ensure safety and security of your spaces without compromising the aesthetic appearance because we build and decorate your life-long vision.