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Home is something that is not only an infrastructure but it can be made up of a happy family only; further to this infrastructure add the value to the family life. As an expansion joint supplier in UAE structured elements like road, pavement and buildings are provided with expansion joint because there could be many reasons in change of the volume of the concrete, but the main reason in increment in volume is rise in temperature.

Expansion joint allows expansion and contraction due to daily variation in temperature; Acromax is the celebrated expansion joint supplier in UAE supplying varieties of expansions to the region and across the globe. The importance of expansion joint is aesthetic related, the right placement of expansion is very important. These joints are placed appropriately so it may get compatible to the structural element and may not affect in any aspect. The choice of expansion joint depend upon where and on what type of structural element is, these locations could be on slabs, beams, walls and columns and cab be done horizontally and vertically. When it comes to placing of joints there are many important points to be considered like limits of joint space should not cross the standard i.e. twenty four to thirty six times of the given thickness of slab, pin point location of pre defined and joint spacing should also be pre defined and many more.

Parallel to managing temperature caused contraction and expansions, expansion joint also absorbs the minor or major shocks and allow movement. Piping systems, railway tracks and walks also need expansion joint due to warming and cooling of weather. Concrete does not have elasticity so it cannot stretch or bend so concrete only shift slightly and to avoid any harmful effects due to concrete movement the expansion joints are used.

Expansion joints are nothing but a control joints, these are categorized as bridge expansion joint for concrete, Masonry expansion joint for clay bricks and Pipe expansion joints for steam or exhaust gases etc. further the classification of these joints can be done on materials they are made with like rubber, fabric and metal expansion joint etc. Acromaxgt supplies wide variety of these. Type of concrete, slab dimension, slab type and reinforcing material are the factors that influence the use of expansion joints.

Acromaxgt is also entrance mats supplier in UAE, the man is social animal and where ever mankind dwells or runs business the foot fall on the doorstep is natural. Door mat or entrance mat cannot be taken lightly as it is very important for indoor purpose. The importance lies as somewhere it leaves an impact on the mind of visitors once they attempt to enter the premises, entrance mats actually earns reputation for the house or firm from the visitors. The biggest benefit of the door mat is that the debris is stopped entering at the entrance of the premises. The entrance mat is different for the different purposes depending on the rational demand of the entrance.